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PRIME Program

Improve Production Processes and Lower Energy Costs with PRIME

Every manufacturer wants their production flow to be as streamlined as possible and to operate at maximum efficiency.

The PRIME program from electric utility Eversource provides technical and financial assistance to learn Lean manufacturing techniques that:

  • Improves product flow for increased output
  • Eliminates or reduce waste of key processes
  • Reduces electrical energy consumption
  • Determines future energy use

To be eligible for funding, businesses must be prequalified by a no-cost survey of your facility, performed by a consultant authorized by Eversource, which includes CONNSTEP.

We’ll evaluate key processes of your business, identify any waste in your operations, and determine if there are ways to create greater efficiencies and ultimately save on energy costs.

Want to see some real metrics? See how this manufacturer benefited from the PRIME Program.

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