Industrial Heater

Lean Manufacturing Improvements Result in Productivity Gains

Industrial Heater Corporation (IHCO) designs and manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom heaters for industrial processing applications. An ISO-certified company known for their development and production of Band Heaters, IHCO has nearly 100 years of experience in the manufacturing industry with an exemplary international reputation.

A recognized leader in the process heating industry, the company is advancing its business with innovative design and quality products that build customer confidence and success. 

IHCO has built its success by working with companies of all sizes and responding to customers’ needs by helping to keep their machines running smoothly and at optimum production levels.

Given the high cost of energy throughout the world, IHCO seeks to help their customers across many industries to control and reduce these costs in their operations. From Cartridge heaters to Autoclave Furnaces, IHCO products meet the needs for industrial processing.

We found the value stream mapping exercise very beneficial, putting pen to paper to quantify processes, evaluating them with actions to tackle them, and giving us a fresh approach.

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