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Business Growth

With our guidance and support, we’ll help you find the best opportunities to grow and improve your business.

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Continuous Improvement

Prevent waste, add value, increase productivity, reduce costs, achieve just-in-time delivery, and shorten lead times in your operations.

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Implement your best defense to protect company assets and intellectual property and become compliant with federal government contracts.

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Quality Management

Quality certifications ensure your operations adhere to industry standards and technical specifications for greater business success.

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Transform the production capacity and efficiency of your business by integrating greater interconnectivity and Industry 4.0 applications.

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Workforce Development

Strategies and assessments to help your efforts in retaining and recruiting qualified, skilled labor for your organization.

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Specializing in customer success

Thanks to CONNSTEP we’re not wasting or scrapping. We’re working smarter and more efficiently which leads to greater savings that are shared with all employees. It’s a win-win situation for our company and employees, and for our customers.
Testimonial CONNSTEP
Jerry Russo
Senior VP of Operations, Prime Line®
This process helped us realize the potential of building more terminals, which enables us to deliver the right level of technology and the right level of variations that our customers are looking for.
Testimonial CONNSTEP
Phillip Sis
Vice President, Engineering & Operations, Accu-Time Systems
We needed to figure out who we are, where we are and where we needed to be as we scale our business. Now we believe we can provide better service and faster leads which we’ll ride to future growth.
Testimonial CONNSTEP
Matt Strand
Vice President of Operations, Greaves Corporation