Workforce Development Consultants
Navigate Your Way to a Stronger Workforce
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Looking to optimize business operations?
Building capacity still a challenge?
Need to improve problematic areas?

Looking to optimize business operations?

Building capacity still a challenge?

Need to improve problematic areas?

CONNSTEP provides hands-on consulting services with assessments and training programs that focus on specific areas of your Connecticut business. We can help you meet your company goals while improving the skill sets and productivity of your workforce. 

Our Workforce Navigator assessment analyzes targeted operational areas of your business and provides direction on making needed improvements. Our workforce development training programs provide vital skills in Lean continuous improvement, quality management, and employee engagement that raise the performance levels of your workers.

Workforce Development Training Consulting in Connecticut | CONNSTEP

We address:

Workforce Administration

Analyze the human resource functions of your organization

Continuous Improvement

Expand your workforce knowledge of Lean principles and practices

Operational Opportunities

Assess needs of your business, problem areas and mitigate risks

Quality Management

Establish a consistent culture of quality with the proper tools and techniques

Focus on Areas in Need of Improvement
at Your Business

Expand your workforce capabilities, address business challenges to meet your company goals, and be more competitive by utilizing our assessments and training programs.

Discover how CONNSTEP can create a roadmap to operational success.

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