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Workforce Navigator Assessment

The Workforce Navigator assessment applies a systematic approach to assist manufacturers with their strategic planning efforts while also dealing with the lack of available skilled labor. It will help you clarify where you want your business to go and where you start today.

Results are delivered in a coordinated roadmap recommendation unique to the specific needs of your organization, enabling your business to achieve its strategic objectives.

We work with you on four key areas of your business within your control while helping you improve problematic situations:

1) Capacity Awareness and Planning

Challenges we review:

  • Your business’s true demand and your capacity to meet that demand
  • A demand and capacity analysis is conducted, if necessary
  • Whether your workforce is doing more than is necessary to meet demand

Outcomes you can expect:

  • We uncover blind spots and gaps in planning and capacity calculations
  • We address your current overall capacity with future capacity requirements
  • We reveal your workforce and capacity needs and the relationship to your overall business objectives

2) Operational Excellence

Challenges we review:

  • Specific areas and operational processes which may relieve workforce pressures
  • Your production control process and continuous improvement efforts
  • The impact of organizational leadership, work practices, delivery and quality on your business

Outcomes you can expect:

  • We present opportunities to build capacity with existing resources
  • We identify waste causing worker inefficiencies
  • Your readiness to problem solve and implement change

3) Application of Technology

Challenges we review:

  • Areas of your business processes that may benefit from the application of technology
  • Your technology adoption strategy and production tasks which could benefit from it
  • Management systems in terms of integration with other systems, data collection and reporting, employee access and cybersecurity procedures

Outcomes you can expect:

  • We determine your readiness to implement technology and business processes that would benefit
  • We provide approaches to implement technological applications
  • Opportunities to use technology as a workforce multiplier are presented

4) Human Resource Systems

Challenges we review:

  • Your existing HR systems and procedures
  • Your onboarding and training protocols for new employees
  • Workforce career development plans and performance measures

Outcomes you can expect:

  • We identify barriers to hiring and retaining workers
  • We uncover potential opportunities to develop your workforce
  • We present ways to improve the effectiveness of your HR systems


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