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Continuous Improvement Champion Certification (CICC)

Educating and training your workforce is essential to ensure your production processes are operating at an optimum level. Lean management tools and techniques provide your employees with the knowledge and know-how of continuous improvement principles.

For business leaders who are interested in transforming their organizations for the better, CONNSTEP offers the CICC program for their workforce. The ROI from this program will lead to improved operational efficiencies, increased profits, and will create a more empowered and engaged culture.

CONNSTEP’s Continuous Improvement Champion Certification (CICC) program offers Lean training that:

  • Immediately advances employee skills, knowledge and productivity
  • Contributes to efficiently streamlining production processes
  • Eliminates waste and non-value added activities in your business

Each participant in the CICC program achieves a thorough understanding of the benefits of process improvement with our:

  • “Learn It – Do It” teaching approach
  • Experiential classroom activities
  • Personalized mentored Lean projects

Enroll employees who will benefit most by earning their certification from the CICC program and who in turn will benefit your business. It’s a decision that is sure to deliver a solid return on your investment.

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