CONNSTEP is excited to announce that FORGE, a nonprofit that bridges the gap between innovators and the local supply chain, is launching a Connecticut office! With full collaborative support from CONNSTEP, we are thrilled to introduce this additional resource to our clients.

Have you ever thought:

  • I want to work with exciting new innovation but do not know how to find these opportunities
  • I want to explore producing for new industries but do not have the time for discovery
  • I love the idea of working with innovators but it is too risky
  • I have extra capacity and do not know how to fill the gaps
  • I want to share my expertise and help be a part of bringing new products to market

If you answered yes to any of these, FORGE is here to help in CT!

What FORGE does:

FORGE prepares its community of innovators to work with you, and then provides right fit connections with local manufacturers, design firms, and engineers to provide them with the critical parts they need for their physical products, design and engineering support, assembly, packaging logistics and most importantly, the guidance they need to scale.

Why you should consider becoming a FORGE network supplier:

  • FORGE is a fully funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit so it costs nothing for you to join the network
  • Opportunity for new business! FORGE’s connections have resulted in over $34M+ in known contracts to manufacturer innovative products locally
  • FORGE helps you to get a jumpstart on future opportunities and markets
  • Attracts and grows an enterprising workforce by demonstrating a dedication to innovative technologies
  • FORGE makes it easy for you. Once we have an innovator requesting needs that are a right fit for what your company provides, we make the introduction, you take it from there
  • We have built trust with regional suppliers AND innovators  making over 2,500 connections between innovators and manufacturers

Interested in learning more about becoming a FORGE network supplier? FORGE Onboarding Portal