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Supply Chain Development

Managing your supply chain requires you to plan, control and execute your product’s flow from materials to production to distribution in the most economical way possible. Having a reliable, sustainable supply chain is critical to your business.

Success is accomplished when you partner with suppliers on mutual goals, properly manage expectations, and balance unavoidable constraints. This enables you to:

  • shorten delivery and lead times
  • gain control over your master production schedule
  • identify and resolve critical supplier constraint points
  • implement creative solutions that deliver quantifiable results

Maximize the Potential of Your Supply Chain

Developing and managing a supply chain requires collaboration and risk management to create alignment and communication between all the participants. Through a collaborative value stream mapping approach, CONNSTEP can work with you to identify your most profitable relationships and make them even more productive.

Meet industry standards and achieve certifications that satisfy your supply chain requirements with our quality management expertise. We’ll help you take the guesswork out of knowing when parts will come back, and remove the obstacles holding up your own delivery efforts or impacting your quality performance.

Supply Chain Vulnerability Assessment

Supply chains are vulnerable to disruptions due to a variety of reasons from natural disasters, to pandemics, and business closures. CONNSTEP offers an assessment that measures your supply chain vulnerability and delivers a roadmap of recommendations to address any shortcomings.

Some of what you’ll discover includes:

  • Implications and associated risks of sole, single and multiple source suppliers
  • Opportunities to shield your company’s financial performance from risk in your supply chain
  • Connections between supply chain vulnerabilities and your delivery and quality performance

Contact us to schedule an assessment to identify and remedy threats to your supply chain.

Move Your Business Forward

Building a seamless operation that accounts for suppliers’ capabilities, capacity, and scheduling within your own planning activities is key. CONNSTEP can help you prioritize actions and effectively allocate resources to reach your goals and ensure that your business is on a sustainable course for the future. We’ll work with you to:

1) Create a Strategic Plan That Delivers

  • make data-driven decisions to support key business objectives
  • distinguish your unique capabilities and value proposition
  • identify and pursue the right priorities with the right resources

2) Meet Changing Demands with Flexibility & Capacity

  • produce new parts with efficiency and confidence
  • exceed customer expectations with faster speed to market
  • produce excellent quality with built-in mistake proofing

3) Develop New Products Faster

  • innovate quicker to market with faster throughput
  • employ smarter resource and capacity management
  • concentrate on the most profitable priorities

4) Exhibit Reliability with Quality Standards & Certifications

Turn the way you manage your supply chain into a strategic advantage and capture more new business for your company.

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