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Total Productive Maintenance

While you may think your equipment is running well with no issues, generally it is just a matter of time before you suffer an equipment loss or breakdown. Maximizing equipment for its entire life cycle requires close attention to detail.

By implementing a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) plan for your organization, you can minimize or eliminate equipment failures. You can maximize the productivity of your company’s equipment and extend the life of it with a TPM plan.

Protect and Extend the Life of Your Equipment

TPM is a series of methods that ensures every piece of equipment in a production process is always able to perform its required tasks so production is never interrupted. It is a comprehensive, team-based, continuous activity that enhances normal equipment maintenance activities and involves every worker.

TPM leverages your Lean initiatives by helping you focus on equipment maintenance and improvements required to implement methods such as one-piece flow, quick changeover, and load leveling. You are also able to improve your first-time-through quality levels.

Develop a TPM Plan

CONNSTEP can work with you and your workforce to create a Total Productive Maintenance plan for your business.

We’ll guide you through the TPM process to achieve goals that:

  • improve equipment performance and availability
  • increase workforce knowledge, safety and job satisfaction
  • reduce unexpected or emergency downtime
  • increase equipment first-time-through quality levels
  • maximize equipment productivity and capacity

With all employees participating in the process, TPM creates an environment that encourages improvement efforts in safety, quality, cost, delivery and creativity. Let us show you how.

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