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Lean Healthcare

Similar to Lean continuous improvement for manufacturers, Lean healthcare methodologies work to minimize waste in every process, procedure, and task through an ongoing system of improvement in healthcare facilities.

Using lean principles, all members of the organization, from clinicians to operations and administration staff, continually strive to identify areas of waste and eliminate anything that does not add value for patients. Lean methods simultaneously enable provision of better care and cost reductions.

Benefits of Lean Healthcare

How can implementing Lean help healthcare organizations?

  • It represents a new way of thinking for your healthcare system that can change the way hospitals and medical centers are organized and managed
  • It allows facilities to improve the quality of care for patients by reducing errors and waiting times
  • It’s an approach that eliminates roadblocks and streamlines processes so physicians and their staff can focus on providing care
  • It strengthens organizations for the long term by working to reduce costs and risks while facilitating growth and expansion
  • It breaks down barriers that may exist between departments to allow them to better work together for the benefit of patients

Change is Constant

Change is ongoing in healthcare settings. From clinical integration to electronic health records, from market-driven exchanges to value-based payments, all aimed at eliminating preventable medical errors.

Also, reimbursement to healthcare providers continues to decline at both the federal and state level, making it imperative that healthcare leaders transform their organizations through strategies that concurrently increase revenue and sharply reduce costs.

Quite simply, Lean Healthcare can lead to better outcomes in improving quality of care, patient safety, and employee engagement while lowering costs.

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