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Cell Design

The right cell design leads to the most product being produced in the least amount of time, for any batch size, using the least inventory.

Cell Design streamlines the linking of manual and machine operations into the most efficient combination of resources to maximize value-added content while minimizing waste. This involves the concept of process balancing where:

  • parts movement is minimized
  • wait time between operations is shorter
  • inventory is reduced
  • productivity increases

Proven Techniques in Optimized Cell Design

Our consultants use a proven Cell Design methodology to improve cellular manufacturing activities.

We create a family matrix of all products the facility manufactures. Next, we calculate an objective measure of the demands for each product and establish Takt Time (the average unit production time needed to meet customer demand). Then we conduct a thorough review of the Work Sequence and combine work to balance the process. The end result is a new, optimized cellular manufacturing layout designed for physically improved flow.

Change Management in Cellular Manufacturing

Change is hard, for just about everyone. While optimizing production layouts creates many benefits – including increased flow, improved communications, and more balanced workloads – the process of changing the layout of the production or office environment is a major adjustment in any organization.

Our cell design consultants are specially trained and experienced not only in cellular manufacturing but also in smoothly facilitating the associated change management processes. Their technical skills are matched by their dedication to making your project a success.

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