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Plant Layout

Having an effective plant layout is one of the keys to success in managing your shop floor. It not only has a direct effect on the efficiency of your productivity but also affects the total operation of your company, including the production processes, inventory, capacity, and administration.

By optimizing your plant layout, you can:

  • maximize the space you’re in for the best value
  • avoid costly moving expenses and building hassles
  • get the most out of any new space
  • increase capacity with greater efficiency

Uncover Plant Layout Efficiencies

Who doesn’t want a more productive shop floor and more capacity? CONNSTEP works with you to improve capacity and boost production for greater profitability, whether you’re relocating your facility or looking to expand your current one. We often uncover plant layout efficiencies business owners never imagined.

Our Plant Layout experts follow a proven methodology to assess production plant operations and quickly discover plant efficiency improvements. Using value stream mapping we identify immediate opportunities to clear bottlenecks and roadblocks you might not have realized.

We deliver a logistics plan to you that directs product flow through your plant in the most efficient manner, so your existing resources can produce even more – in less time.

Moving Your Facility

While we’ve helped many Connecticut companies avoid costly moves and building expansions, sometimes a facility move is the best answer. CONNSTEP helps owners plan efficiencies into the new plant layout, and get the most value from the new facility immediately.

Generally, business owners considering a move will contact us when they’re:

  • initially thinking about a new facility
  • relocating production to a new location
  • running up against capacity constraints in their current location
  • needing to expand their facility to accommodate growing operations

An independent, objective viewpoint can make all the difference. We can help you determine whether you really need to move or expand in place with our expert Plant Layout methodology. Save valuable time, energy, and money. Contact us to schedule a brief assessment and start taking advantage of undiscovered plant layout opportunities at your business.

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