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Training Within Industry

Training Within Industry (TWI) is a proven tool applied to anyone who teaches anybody to do anything. It’s ideally suited for supervisors, team leaders, and those indirectly managing others. Once it’s taught, it helps sustain high performance and excellence in quality.

The methodology of TWI enables a worker to get up to speed quickly and accurately by:

  • Showing them the important steps to complete a specific task
  • Reinforcing key points related to the tasks of the job
  • Explaining the reasons why the job is done that way

For manufacturing companies concerned about retiring employees taking their production and operational knowledge with them, TWI can help capture that experienced know-how and transfer it to the remaining workforce.

TWI Programs

TWI is an improvement process with a set of standardized programs that addresses the essential skills needed by anyone who leads the work of others. It can help transfer valuable knowledge of seasoned workers to younger and newer employees in an organization. And it can ensure that a job is done correctly and consistently over time.

TWI – Job Instruction

Training Within Industry Job Instruction (JI) establishes a single best method, or one best way, for doing a job and allows a trainer to transfer knowledge to a learner quickly while also verifying comprehension. The purpose is to get workers fully trained and adding value to the organization in the shortest period of time possible while preventing problems that could arise from faulty instruction.

Proper Job Instruction can eliminate a majority of the most common problems related to:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Employee Relations

JI is a practical training tool, especially in the mass production setting, as it helps to facilitate greater speed to market and remove waste associated with training time. The results are often higher production, better quality, and lower costs.

TWI – Job Relations

The Training Within Industry Job Relations (JR) program involves teaching supervisors how to handle problems, how to prevent them from occurring, and it helps in developing a logical, common sense approach to tackling issues with a people-centric view.

The core elements of JR teach the basics of consensus-building and individual problem-solving. It creates the foundation of positive employee relations. By developing and maintaining strong working relationships, problems are prevented which leads to earning loyalty and cooperation from your workforce.

TWI – Job Safety

TWI Job Safety (JS) helps supervisors decrease employee injuries and potential causes. JS training follows an accident-preventing methodology based on a simple and logical framework centered on analysis of accident causes and possible countermeasures.

JS plays a critical role in the manufacturing industry. This program teaches supervisors a method to analyze the chain of events leading to accidents and hazardous situations. Root causes are identified and remediated to alleviate accidental occurrences. JS stresses that the relationship of the supervisor and employees plays a pivotal role in a safe and environmentally responsible workplace.

TWI – Job Methods

TWI Job Methods (JM) is the TWI program that focuses on improving work processes and procedures. It assists employees in recognizing the waste inherent in current methods and how to reduce those wastes utilizing existing resources.

The purpose of the JM program is to produce greater quantities of quality products in less time by making the best use of the people, machines, and materials currently available. It conditions and develops individuals to break down a job into its details and eliminates wasteful tasks, combines and rearranges necessary tasks, and simplifies required tasks.

Job Methods yields significant benefits including reduced cost through productivity gains, increased throughput, and reduced work in process.

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