Optimize your Plant Layout

30% More Capacity could be Hiding in Your Facility

We regularly discover 30% or more plant layout efficiencies facility owners never suspected. Our recommendations improve capacity and boost production, for greater profitability. Whether you’re relocating your facility or feel the need to expand, don’t make a move until you call our Plant Layout consultants.

  •  maximize the space you’re in for the best value
  • avoid costly moving expenses and building hassles
  • get the most out of a new space from Day 1
  • increase capacity with new efficiencies

Get the Most out of Existing Assets

Get the unbiased, independent advice you need on whether you really need to move or expand with our expert Plant Layout methodology. We’ve helped many Connecticut companies avoid costly moves and building expansions. When a facility move is the best answer, we help owners plan efficiencies into the new factory layout, and get the most value from the new facility immediately.

Everything that occupies space in your facility but doesn’t create product limits your profitability. We’ll show you how to produce more in less time – using the resources you already have under your roof.

Save valuable time, energy, and money. Have us come in for a brief assessment, and start finding the plant layout opportunities your business can take advantage of.

What’s the Best Time for Plant Layout Optimization?client-story-Amodex

  • when you’re relocating your production to a new location
  • when you’re starting to consider a new facility
  • when you’re running up against capacity constraints in your current location
  • when you need to expand your facility to accommodate growing operations

Why Hire a Plant Layout Consultant?

An independent, objective viewpoint can make all the difference. Our Plant Layout consultants can uncover production facility layout efficiencies you’d probably never think of. The benefits of hiring our Plant Layout consultants extend beyond their fresh perspective, skilled eye, and wealth of production design experience.

How We Uncover Plant Efficiencies, Fast

Our Plant Layout experts follow a proven methodology to assess production plant operations to quickly uncover plant efficiency improvements.Using Value Stream Mapping we discover immediate opportunities to clear bottlenecks and roadblocks you might not have realized.

You get a logistics plan that directs product flow through your plant most efficiently, so your existing resources can produce even more – in less time.

case studies in plant layout optimizationLearn to See Your Facility in a New Light

We’ll actually teach you a new way to look at your operations. Before you move a single thing in your facility, you’ll have a clear vision of how things can change. We’ll give you:

  • a two-dimensional view of the proposed new floor plan (using AutoCAD, Visio, or similar platforms)
  • a full-scale representation of where equipment, inventory, finished goods and information centers will be located

At every step, we’ll make sure you are well equipped to maintain the efficiencies we incorporate into the new design.

Get A Fresh Perspective in Plant Layout

What opportunities are waiting to be uncovered under your roof? Let’s have a discovery session, and start envisioning the possibilities.


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“CONNSTEP worked with FuelCell Energy to educate and facilitate Lean initiatives and to help meet our needs to establish an overall production improvement plan. This plan has been utilized over a period of time as a ‘guiding light’ to spur numerous improvements that dramatically reduced our product cost.”

Tom Lucas

Manager, Fuel Cell Energy

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