CONNSTEP recognizes the impact the COVID-19 coronavirus is having on people and on businesses.  We’re dedicated to doing our part for the state’s manufacturers as we all navigate through this pandemic.  We remain focused on achieving the most desirable outcomes for our manufacturers in the state.

We have established this webpage as a destination for information and resources for manufacturing organizations and their employees. It will be regularly refreshed as we receive more updates.

If you have the capacity to manufacture non-certified PPE or related products someone might need, please let us know via; a collaborative effort with CBIA, the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services, the state’s chief manufacturing officer Colin Cooper, the Connecticut Hospital Association, and others.

COVID-19 virus

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  • Workplace Posters
  • >  Call 211 State Hotline – share the 211 hotline with employees, customers, clients, and vendors.
  • >  How Do You Feel? – show the importance of monitoring employee health and the steps to take if they experience COVID-19 symptoms or are exposed to the virus.
  • >  PPE Protocol – notify employees, customers, clients, and vendors of the protocols your business is following for the use of personal protective equipment.
  • >  Slow the Spread – notify employees of the ongoing steps they must take to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
  • >  Social Distancing – notify employees, customers, clients, and vendors of the importance of following social distancing guidelines.
  • >  Staying Safe Together – show employees, customers, clients, and vendors the steps your business is taking to keep people safe.



In accordance with guidelines from the CDC as well as federal, state, and local authorities, we have closed our office to visitors. While our office has a skeleton crew on select days, most of our team members are working remotely.

The contact information for your respective Regional Manager and Subject Matter Expert consultants remain the same as they all previously worked remotely. Specific contact info any CONNSTEP employee is available here.

As an affiliate of CBIA, we are working collaboratively to ensure the needs of our clients and their members continue to be met.