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Strategic Roadmap Brings Synergy to Growth and Operations

Corru-Seals, dba Nicholsons, are global specialists in the design and manufacture of high temperature metal seals, gaskets and ancillary components, supplying the aerospace sector for over 40 years from their U.S. site. Corru-Seals is an approved manufacturer currently supplying seals and gaskets to U. S. aerospace industry customers including Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Honeywell, and Rolls-Royce Indianapolis.

The company has always achieved their mandatory certifications, including the last several years as the requirements have grown and expanded not only from quality assurance but also to overall business practices. Corru-Seals also complies with the new revision standard to ensure its leadership efforts are aligned with the overall company strategy and business processes.

Corru-Seals recognized to fully realize the benefits inherent in the new quality standard would require a paradigm shift in the organization. In order to truly operate at a world class level and compete with much bigger players in a global market they needed to move beyond the mentality of just getting through the most recent audit.

The attitude of “checking the box” was no longer acceptable. A laser-focused effort would be needed, employing management tools and metrics to provide clear direction for achieving the obvious results and more notably, operating under the intent of the new standard, and reaching growth and operational goals.

Having had a previous working relationship, Corru-Seals reached out again to CONNSTEP. While the overarching purpose was to pass the audit the first time, the new underlying emphasis was to help Corru-Seals fully understand the AS standard and most importantly, its application to business operations.

The initial gap analysis was instrumental in getting the company off to the right start while establishing a roadmap for not only the certification process but also for how to conduct business in the new environment.

Corru-Seals had been operating under a holistic, balanced scorecard management mentality but could not correlate it to the standard certification activities, which in turn was not showing any value-added return. Embedding and institutionalizing the concepts into their management practice was needed to reap the maximum benefits.

By embracing the intent of the standard, Corru-Seals was successful in implementing best in class concepts. The identifiable aspects of the new standard that have changed the organization and enhanced ownership and accountability include:

  • Relevant interested parties
  • Context of the Organization
  • Employee Awareness
  • Engagement and Competency

Each step of the way during the pre-audit process the CONNSTEP auditor was there to guide, help with interpretation, and identify the types of objective evidence needed. This allowed the organization to:

  • Improve profitability to its highest levels
  • Provide flexibility and priority to their customer base
  • Enhance overall technical and production capabilities
  • Keep key stakeholders (ownership, customers, employees, suppliers) top of mind

The standard requires you to overcome roadblocks. Working with CONNSTEP we were able to advance the level of our business and bring synergy to our growth and operational plans.

Mike Fabiani - General Manager, Corru-Seals, Inc.

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