Technology Acceleration

Level the Playing Field with Technology Acceleration

If you’ve been squeezed for years between far larger rivals and cheaper overseas threats, Technology Acceleration could be the equalizer you’ve been hoping for.

Small to mid-sized manufacturers simply can’t do it all and know it all within the walls of their own company, especially when it comes to new technology needs. Tech Acceleration may ultimately define the next generation of advanced manufacturers.

Looking for a solution to:

  • Skyrocketing, or unplanned for, development costs?
  • Exhausted resources?
  • Impact on current work orders?
  • Ensuring protection of intellectual property and/or freedom to operate in a specific space?

Get to the Right Markets, On Time and On Budget

Rarely will you need a deep technology or market research bench, and your abilities to discover new technologies and validate markets may be limited. Get your new technologies to the right markets as efficiently as cost-effectively as possible with our Technology Acceleration program’s three-pronged approach. We help the full range of companies (small, medium, or larger) in our Connecticut manufacturing base to:

  1. thoroughly understand market and competitive conditions as well as customer demand
  2. identify the best technologies known world-wide that can assist them in developing their own products
  3. apply Lean techniques to the new product development process as a whole