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Assess, Measure & Diagnose with PROBE

Are you struggling to set executive priorities for your business that will provide improvement to areas of your organization that need it?

PROBE is a sophisticated competitive benchmarking tool that compares the overall health and performance of your business to your competitors. Best Practice Benchmarking measures your current performance level and helps you understand whether your business practices and culture are reinforcing the values that drive customer satisfaction and outstanding results.

PROBE Best Practice Benchmarking provides powerful capabilities for analyzing:

  • Industries, vertically and horizontally
  • Sectors
  • Supply Chains
  • Networks
  • Regions

PROBE helps you:

  • quickly identify strengths and weaknesses
  • address key improvement areas and eliminate waste in processes
  • save money and improve productivity
  • make informed decisions for resource and investment improvement
  • gain a competitive edge

You receive the most insight with a facilitated self-assessment led by our experienced, objective Business Growth Consultants. They guide the process with their subject-matter expertise and create consensus among your key team members who as a group come to an agreement on specific situations. This enables you to align the group to strategic objectives and interpret data in a meaningful, applicable way.

See How You Compare

To give you the most informed, well-rounded view of your business, PROBE provides significant competitive information based on:

  • current raw data from over 7,000 international businesses
  • data collected from a diverse cross-section of your key people

Establish Executive Priorities

By gaining team consensus on a series of open-ended questions about the processes and performance of your business – and benchmarking that data against other organizations using PROBE’s cutting-edge software – you get an accurate measure of how you stack up against the competition. This helps prioritize key areas of your business for immediate improvement.

Deliverables from PROBE:

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  • create a quantifiable view of your business practices, processes and performance vs. other closely aligned businesses
  • support rapid learning and focus on appropriate action to accelerate business performance, practice, and growth
  • promote and support learning through teamwork
  • align a team’s improvement focus rapidly with only a modest investment
  • balance business processes and practices with your performance to create sustainable change in business culture
  • create a base line for future strategic metrics that measure improvements
  • align all dimensions in a business value chain with strategies
  • initiate change in low risk ways for measurable improvement  
  • create clarity from complexity: depicts comprehensive results in easily understood graphics

Data gathered through PROBE adds substantial value to research and improvement projects focusing on operations management, service management, regional competitiveness and international manufacturing and service benchmark comparisons.


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CT manufacturer Pegaasus

Chris DePentima

CEO, Pegasus Manufacturing Inc.

“I see great value in the new experiences and perspectives CONNSTEP brings to our business, at reasonable prices. They’re not like consultants, they’re like partners in the business – willing to roll up their sleeves and help.”

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Mark Burzynski

President, Arthur G Russell Co

“CONNSTEP has proved to be a tremendous resource for ESI. CONNSTEP has helped us to adapt to today’s marketplace and remain a quality minded, competitive global player. Our ISO/TS16949 implementation process was efficient and rewarding. I look forward to our future projects with CONNSTEP.”

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Ron Delfini

President, Engineering Specialties Inc.

“CONNSTEP worked with FuelCell Energy to educate and facilitate Lean initiatives and to help meet our needs to establish an overall production improvement plan. This plan has been utilized over a period of time as a ‘guiding light’ to spur numerous improvements that dramatically reduced our product cost.”

Tom Lucas

Manager, Fuel Cell Energy

“CONNSTEP is a valuable partner to Hologic, providing the expertise and ‘outside eyes’ everyone needs to keep their continuous improvement on track. We are now well-positioned on a dynamic growth path and look forward to a long-term relationship with CONNSTEP.”

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Dan Rubbo

General Manager, Tornik LLC

“The Business Growth Program is working well for us. We enhanced our website following the meetings to improve our SEO and become more visible to search engines. The segment on negotiating …  promoted changes in our thinking and improved how we interact with customers. The mentoring between sessions was helpful in boosting our progress.”

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Bill Lathrop

President, Colonial Spring Co.

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