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Over 300 companies have turned to CONNSTEP for help obtaining quality standards. By gaining a quality certification, you’ll belong to an elite group of companies that are operationally agile, customer-focused and better able to face the competitive challenges of today and tomorrow.

CONNSTEP can assist you in achieving the industry quality system standards that will help you attract new customers, retain existing customers and compete in the global market. If you have a customer that requires you to be certified or you just want to improve the quality of your manufacturing business, making your company more marketable, CONNSTEP can help.

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Quality Managers for your Needs

Whether you need an interim or long-term Quality Manager, CONNSTEP has the expertise to fill your requirements. In conjunction with the company’s process owners, our team can develop and coordinate the quality control programs for your organization. Let our experienced quality professionals manage all of your QA functions.

  • Coordinate the processes needed for the quality management system (QMS) to be established, implemented and maintained
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of process/procedures for the inspection operation
  • Answer all customer complaints to the customers satisfaction
  • Maintain the calibration system
  • Maintain supplier and sub-contractor control
  • Update corrective action, preventive action, continuous improvement and all other associated documents as needed
  • Maintain the QMS including internal quality auditing
  • Develop, maintain, and analyze the company’s metrics data and charts
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Quality Audits

CONNSTEP’s Internal Quality Auditing Program allows you to focus on running your business while qualified consultants perform strategic internal auditing. Concentrate on your work, we’ll do the rest – programs are customized to your company’s specific needs. Additionally, CONNSTEP can train your internal quality auditors to maintain your quality registration.

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Quality Implementation

Once you make the strategic decision to become registered to a quality standard, CONNSTEP will be there every step of the way. We will work with you to:

  • Establish objectives and metrics (organizational dashboard)
  • Prepare for pre-registration audit assessment by registrar
  • Conduct a dry run through the assessment process
  • Identify risk with respect to the quality standard requirements
  • Upgrade and improve your existing QMS
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