Precision Express Manufacturing

Precision Express Manufacturing Achieves ISO 9001 Certification with Assistance from Bristol Grant Program and CONNSTEP

Precision Express Manufacturing (PEM) is a CNC Swiss manufacturer located in Bristol, Connecticut. Family-owned by Bena Agastra and her husband Al Bebri, and operated for over a decade, PEM strives to continuously expand and modernize their equipment and facility.

The PEM mission is to provide customers with high quality precision parts and express, on-time delivery. They produce custom components for a variety of industries including aerospace, medical, and automotive following procedures that ensure cost efficiencies for their customers.

Thanks to the City of Bristol and their grant program for local manufacturers, we were able to achieve ISO certification for our company. And we couldn’t have done it without the guidance and assistance from CONNSTEP who also helped us reinforce a culture of continuous improvement here. The certification to the standard supports our goal of business growth, provides a competitive advantage, and gives our customers a reason to believe in us.

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