CONNSTEP Staff Members Add New Credentials

(Hartford, CT, January 31, 2024) – CONNSTEP, the Connecticut Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center, is pleased to announce that four of its employees have completed coursework that has added new credentials to their industry expertise.


Rachele Brown, Quality and Compliance Consultant at CONNSTEP, was recently certified to AS13100, an aerospace standard developed by the SAE G-22 Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Standards Committee for the aero engine supply chain. Rachele will execute the primary intent of this standard which is to improve overall product quality by focusing on key systems and processes that may deter consistent aerospace engine product quality.


Anna Mumford, Cybersecurity Consultant at CONNSTEP, added a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity Management from Purdue University to her qualifications, complementing her undergraduate degree in Computer Science. Anna will specialize in governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) helping CONNSTEP clients establish frameworks that align their IT with business objectives and regulatory compliance needs.


Matin Karbassioon, Continuous Improvement (CI) Consultant completed his certification in Training Within Industry – Job Relations (TWI-JR). This time-honored methodology of helping leaders understand and improve upon the relationships within teams allows them to significantly accelerate process changes and promotes a more satisfied, creative workforce. Matin’s achievement greatly enhances CONNSTEP’s ability to deliver positive impact to manufacturers.


Carissa Roman, CI Consultant, also completed her certification in TWI-JR. In addition, she completed her Training Within Industry – Job Instruction (TWI-JI) certification. TWI-JI is an essential training tool for problem solving, standard work, continuous improvement, operational excellence, and Lean initiatives. Combined, these two approaches provide manufacturers with a solid foundation for improvement and growth.


“Continuous education is encouraged and revered at CONNSTEP,” according to Mike Stimson, Director, Strategic Engagement & Process. “Helping staff to stay current with industry trends and innovations provides greater value and expertise to our clients and strengthens our thought leadership position in the state’s manufacturing community.”


About CONNSTEP: A member of the MEP National Network, CONNSTEP is a manufacturing consultancy firm serving small-to-medium sized companies, implementing advanced business and technical solutions, and workforce strategies, that help organizations grow, improve profitability, and create sustainable competitive advantages.

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