CONNSTEP Spring 2024 CICC Program Wraps Up with Dynamic Presentations

CONNSTEP Spring 2024 CICC Program Wraps Up with Dynamic Presentations

CICC Spring-graduates

By: Dean Simmons

CONNSTEP recently concluded its successful Continuous Improvement Champion Certification (CICC) program for Spring 2024. Manufacturers from across Connecticut sent representatives from their companies to learn about Lean manufacturing principles and practices.

During the program, participants applied the tools and techniques they mastered from their CICC coursework to real projects, mentored by CONNSTEP, within their respective organizations. At the culmination of the classes, each participant delivered a detailed presentation outlining the initiation and progress of their projects to the group.

Results to date from many of the projects highlighted the identification and elimination of waste in production flow, improvements in lead and cycle times, Work in Progress (WIP), and overall quality enhancements at their facilities. They also showcased efficiencies and cost savings resulting from the implementation of Lean practices studied during their classroom sessions.

CICC project presentations were conducted by participants representing the following manufacturing companies:

  • Accu-Time Systems
    • Project: Shipping Department Optimization
    • CICC attendee: Alex Romero
  • AVNA
    • Project: Inventory Accuracy
    • CICC attendees: Bruce Thivierge
  • Cambridge Specialty Company
    • Project: Lead Time Reduction Housing Pump Flap
    • CICC attendee: Aiden Coyle
  • E.A. Patten Company
    • Project: Two-Point Tube Assembly Lead Time & Capacity Improvement
    • CICC attendee: Matt McGrath, Tyler Olsen
  • EDCO Engineering
    • Project: TBA Process Evaluation
    • CICC attendee: Colin Asklar
  • Goodway Technologies
    • Project: Inventory Accuracy and Workflow Improvement in Shipping
    • CICC attendee: Miguel Marte
  • Logo Sportswear
    • Project: Shipping & Receiving Opportunities
    • CICC attendee: Tafari Whittingham
  • Micro Precision
    • Project: Hydraulic Cylinder Production and Quality Improvement
    • CICC attendee: Jason Dodge, John Dybowski
  • RBC Bearings
    • Project: Rod End Product On-Time Delivery
    • CICC attendee: Adam Daniels
  • Thule
    • Project: Thule Distribution Direct to Consumer Pick/Pack Process
    • CICC attendee: Matt Carabetta
    • Project: Inventory Accuracy
    • CICC attendee: Emily Ott


The CICC program participants will receive their final certifications from CONNSTEP within 90 days after submitting an update on their project metrics. The next CICC course is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2024. 

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Continuous Improvement Champion Certification (CICC)

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