Improvement to Process Flow Increases Productivity

Founded in 1989 in Milford, Connecticut, Sonitek specializes in the manufacturing of heat staking machines, ultrasonic welders, and air presses, primarily for the automotive, medical, and consumer electronics markets. Sonitek heat staking presses custom tooling offer high speed, ergonomic, and repeatable solutions for thermal applications like riveting of plastic bosses, insertion, filter and membrane sealing, plus other plastic joining applications.

Their ultrasonic welders are used in the joining of two or more thermoplastic parts, achieving a uniform bond between the parts, and can also be used in joining non-ferrous metals to create a strong weld without the use of applied heat or electric current. Sonitek precision air presses are used for crimping, sealing, bending, forming, pressing, swaging, riveting, and burnishing.

Sonitek is a past recipient of the Manufacturing Innovation Award from the Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA). This award recognized the company’s efforts to expand awareness of manufacturing as a career path while providing manufacturing opportunities for traditional high school students, acknowledging their partnership with Platt Tech High School in Milford, CT.

Areas down the line were exposed, we saw the hidden waste and inefficiencies, and were able to address them. In the process we fixed our ability to deliver a full complete kit.

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