ZANEEZ® Launches CT-based Manufacturing for its AnkleSTONE® and BedROK® Products

ZANEEZ® Health & Fitness CEO and founder Marien J. Zanyk, PhD, has figured out a new approach for musculoskeletal conditioning, and has created innovative exercise platforms to advance the way people move and exercise. With these new products, the company is driving the trends toward advanced strength & conditioning outcomes in sports medical and clinical populations.

Providing stability and advanced movement, through supportive ledges, grips, and leverage, AnkleSTONE® & BedROK® are designed to progress movement toward top flexibility, strength, and range of motion, for best athletic performance, and prevention and recovery from injury.

The most exciting part of this successful strategy was the efficiency of the CONNSTEP process guided by their expert consultant who understood our needs in detail, and knew the best manufacturing solution to meet our challenge.

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