Business Growth Services


Insight & Intelligence for Marketing, Sales & Business Development

We’re not just another marketing firm. We’re a mission-driven organization dedicated to growing Connecticut’s businesses. Our results are not only excellent but also independently verified – so you can trust our advice.

We’ll help you find the best opportunities to grow and improve your business – without breaking the bank or taking on too much risk. Get the guidance and support you need to:

  • increase top-line growth
  • improve profitability
  • identify the best new market opportunities
  • get the best return on your marketing investment

Marketing Consultants with Practical Advice

You’re busy running your business, and working on marketing and business development doesn’t always get enough attention. We understand, because we work with companies like yours across Connecticut that have the same challenge. That’s why we developed a suite of business development services tailored to the needs of small to mid-sized companies. You get not just the strategic advice you want to grow your business, but also the tactical assistance you need to augment your own internal resource capabilities.

2014-home-page-slide-grow-sales-400pxIncrease Revenues, Grow Sales & Diversify Your Customer Base

We are a proven partner for top-line growth strategy and execution. You can trust in our long track record of helping companies like yours to achieve their business development goals through strategic marketing, sales management and sales process improvement, and new product development. Explore our Business Growth Services:

One-on-one Business Coaching

CONNSTEP offers one-on-one coaching with business owners to examine where you are today and where you want to be. We’ll generate a plan with you that guides your business and employees and keeps you focused on what matters to you. Go To One-on-one Business Coaching

Strategic Marketing

Focusing on the right marketing priorities spares you from wasting time, energy and money trying to do it all without the people or budget required. Put our resources and experience to work for you. We’ll help you develop a plan to grow sales, discover insights from your existing customers, create your company’s Value Proposition, and use the most effective marketing and sales tactics for your budget and resources. Go To Strategic Marketing

Business Development

Our dedicated resources do your market research and even make calls on your behalf. It’s the perfect business development program for companies lacking dedicated resources to make calls and pursue follow-up activities. Do a better job of pursuing new business, without adding headcount. Go To Business Dev

Website Optimization & SEO

Get an unbiased opinion of whether you need a new website, could benefit from SEO services, or whether other marketing tactics can help reach your goals. Our consulting results are independently verified, distinguishing our web optimization services from others you might consider. Our website development and digital marketing strategy services will help you get more (and better) qualified leads, increase website traffic and improve conversion rates. Go To Web Services

Market Research

Get the insights you need to develop new products and services and ground your strategy in reliable data for realistic growth projections. Mitigate your risks while you: identify potential new markets, gather crucial Voice of the Customer feedback, and get effective go to market strategies. We’ll help you thoroughly understand your current markets, and analyze prospective industries for your products and services. Go To Market Research

Strategic Planning

Knowing where it’s most worthwhile to focus your efforts, as well as what you shouldn’t focus on, is the first step toward reaching your sales, marketing, and organizational growth goals. Get a clear set of goals for your management and your teams. Develop a solid strategic plan and cultivate the ownership required to successfully implement it. Go to Strategic Planning

New Product Development

You need a well-defined, efficient process for developing new products that meet/exceed customer expectations to: improve productivity, reduce lead times and increase margins/profitability from new parts or products and services. Go to New Product Development

Technology Acceleration

If you’ve been squeezed for years between far larger rivals and cheaper overseas threats, Technology Acceleration could be the equalizer you’ve been hoping for. Small to mid-sized manufacturers simply can’t do it all and know it all within the walls of their own company, especially when it comes to new technology needs. Get your new technologies to the right markets as efficiently as cost-effectively as possible. Tech Acceleration may ultimately define the next generation of advanced manufacturers. Go to Tech Acceleration

Tech Scouting

Do you have ideas for new products you would bring to market, if only you had the time and money to develop the technology that could make it happen? We can help you define, discover and deploy the technology you need. Go to Tech Scouting

Technology-Driven Market Intelligence

Reduce your risks and increase speed to market for developing new products. Get a structured, replicable approach to the essential components of traditional market research, focused squarely on market intelligence that reveals the benefits and market impact of technology-based assets. The results can transform proposed new technologies into successful new market entrants. Go to TDMI