Phoebe Gonzales Associate Business Development Advisor

Primary Responsibilities

As an Associate Business Development Advisor, Phoebe supports the CONNSTEP business development team in identifying and pursuing growth opportunities for the organization. She collaborates with the team to ensure the fulfillment of initiatives for existing clients and cultivates relationships with potential clients to broaden the reach of our services and expand our market presence.

Notable Performances

Phoebe brings several years of experience in operations management and assembly supervision within the manufacturing community, focusing on achieving quality, safety, delivery, and cost objectives in the value stream chain. Additionally, she has demonstrated proficiency in budget management, conducting onboarding training, and overseeing contractor development.


Phoebe holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business with a concentration in finance from the University of Bridgeport, complemented by an MBA from the university’s business school. Beyond her professional endeavors, she actively contributes as a volunteer on the grants committee of the Rotary Club, assisting with project planning and the management of the Rotary Foundation Funds.


contact details

(860) 512-7402
350 Church St, Hartford, CT 06103

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