UTR Engineering Works: Unleashing New Opportunities with CONNEX Connecticut

UTR Engineering Works: Unleashing New Opportunities with CONNEX Connecticut

Since joining Connex CT in February 2023, UTR Engineering Works, a small, specialized design engineering and manufacturing firm based in Norfolk, CT, has secured new business opportunities worth an estimated $48,000 per year. With just five employees, UTR Engineering Works has found Connex CT to be an invaluable platform for expanding their reach and connecting with potential clients who may not have been aware of their comprehensive range of services.

Ralph Prisco, Owner-Chief Engineer at UTR Engineering Works, attributes their success to the Connex CT platform and the dedicated support of the CONNSTEP Team. “Connex CT has been a great avenue for UTR Engineering Works to develop new clients as well as raising our company’s visibility,” Prisco explains. “The platform has made it easy for potential clients to find us and understand how we can help them.”

UTR Engineering Works’ latest Connex CT project is expected to generate an estimated $48,000 in annual revenue. Prisco believes this is just the beginning, and he is confident that Connex CT will continue to play a key role in their company’s growth.

“Connex CT has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for us,” Prisco concludes. “We are incredibly grateful for the platform and the support we have received from the CONNSTEP Team.

'We provide many services which can prove difficult for potential clients to zero in on, but CONNEX and the CONNSTEP team made sure clients understand how U.T.R. can help. Overall, it has been a great avenue for us to develop new clients and raise our profile and awareness."


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