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CONNSTEP is #YourMEP in Connecticut

When you work with CONNSTEP, you are working with a Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center which is part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a U.S. Department of Commerce agency.

The MEP National Network represents 51 MEP Centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, offering proven solutions to small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) to fuel growth and advance U.S. manufacturing.

The CONNSTEP Difference

The difference that CONNSTEP provides as your MEP center is not only our experienced subject matter experts, but also access to the expertise of over 1,400 trusted advisors nationwide and industry resources you need to succeed.

We’re more than consultants. We offer events and training programs, secure funding opportunities, assist with business development, workforce recruitment and retention, cybersecurity compliance, quality management systems, and more.

According to 2021 impact survey results, the top reasons manufacturers choose to work with an MEP Center are:

1) Expertise of staff
2) Cost of service
3) Industry knowledge
4) Fair & reliable service
5) Reputation of results

Achieving Results for Your Business

In the last two years alone, CONNSTEP has delivered these measurable results to our clients:

  • $424 million in Retained Sales
  • $65 million in Increases Sales
  • $12 million in Cost & Investment Savings
  • $49 million in Increased Investments
  • 298 New Jobs Created
  • 1599 Job Retained

Working with Us

Engaging with your MEP Center, CONNSTEP, is a straightforward process as illustrated in the graphic below. We make it easy, with no obligation, to meet with us and discuss the issues and challenges facing your business.

How Centers Work with Manufacturers

CONNSTEP conducts projects that deliver proven solutions with measurable, validated business results. 

As part of the MEP National Network, we bring value to Connecticut manufacturers as we help them meet their goals, grow their business, and establish a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


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