State Manufacturers Better Prepared for the Future of the Industry

(Hartford, CT, May 17, 2024) – CONNSTEP, the Connecticut Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center, partnered with the Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC) to host the “Navigate the Future of Manufacturing” luncheon on May 15th at the University of Bridgeport, for manufacturers in the Fairfield County area.

During the event, attendees received insights from CONNSTEP subject matter expert Jeff Orszak on the advantages of digital manufacturing implementation and the essential steps for preparing organizations for an Industry 4.0 transformation. His colleague, cyber expert Anna Mumford elaborated on the benefits of a robust cybersecurity program, emphasized industry compliance, and outlined five crucial steps for crafting an effective security plan. She also touched upon the proposed CMMC rule, its rollout, and the upcoming CMMC Bootcamp hosted by CONNSTEP.

CONNSTEP President & CEO Beatriz Gutierrez welcomed the crowd, sharing, “We recognize the importance of collaborating with regional business associations like the BRBC and the Southwest Connecticut Manufacturing Partnership. We are stronger when we work together to support manufacturers in their efforts to grow and evolve their businesses, navigate supply chain issues, apply cybersecurity measures, and adopt new and emerging technologies.”

Many manufacturers at the event remarked on the changing requirements facing their business due to shifting customer demands and industry regulations. Addressing critical issues such as Industry 4.0 transformation and cybersecurity protection and compliance is pivotal for ensuring the sustainability and resilience of their companies.

About CONNSTEP: A member of the MEP National Network, CONNSTEP is a manufacturing consultancy firm committed to assisting small-to-medium sized companies.  Its team implements advanced business and technical solutions, along with workforce strategies, to facilitate growth, enhance profitability, and establish sustainable competitive advantages for organizations.