CONNSTEP First in State to Offer Smart Industry Readiness Index – SIRI

Erik Fogleman
Erik Fogleman, Sr. Technology Solutions Consultant

(Hartford, CT, May 05, 2021)

CONNSTEP, a leading business consulting firm, today announced the availability  of the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) for Connecticut manufacturers seeking Industry 4.0 adoption. The launch of SIRI will be led by Senior Technology Solutions Consultant Erik Fogleman, one of only a handful of Certified SIRI Assessor’s (CSA) in North America.

SIRI is being deployed globally as the internationally recognized standard for Industry 4.0 transformation as an initiative of the World Economic Forum. Created by the Singapore Economic Development Board in partnership with a network of leading technology companies, industry and academic experts, it serves to support the adoption of new Industry 4.0 technologies across manufacturing communities around the world.

SIRI is well-suited for manufacturers struggling to understand how and where they should apply technology tools to improve their business operations while weighing the impact of associated costs. It covers the three core elements of Industry 4.0: Process, Technology, and Organization.

CONNSTEP president and CEO Beatriz Gutierrez stated, “Connecticut manufacturers are fortunate to have access to Erik, one of only five certified SIRI assessors in the country. The SIRI training course that Erik successfully completed to become a CSA was comprehensive and process-driven. His SIRI knowledge and capabilities will prepare manufacturers in the state for the strategic implementation of technology and automation in their operations.”

Added Jeff Orszak, CONNSTEP Director of Strategic Growth & Technology, “SIRI helps companies start, scale, and maintain their manufacturing transformation to Industry 4.0. It will be particularly useful for small and mid-sized manufacturers who may not have the resources of a larger organization but recognize the importance and value of adopting digital technologies for their business.”

The Official SIRI Assessment helps manufacturers in their efforts to learn the terminology and underlying technologies associated with Industry 4.0; evaluate the current Industry 4.0 maturity level at their facility; and identify how they can improve in a targeted and incremental manner.

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