500 Registered Manufacturers Reaping Benefits of CONNEX CT

(Hartford, CT, November 21, 2023) – CONNEX Connecticut, an online platform that connects Connecticut manufacturers and suppliers into a single searchable database, announced today that it has reached a goal of 500 manufacturers registered on the platform. East Haven company DCL Skincare became the 500th registered company, helping to achieve this milestone.


DCL Skincare, a leading manufacturer of high-quality skincare products, joined the CONNEX CT platform after recognizing the many benefits of this centralized and searchable supply-chain solution. The value of the vast network of potential partners accessible to DCL Skincare enables them to expand their reach and streamline their procurement process.


“We are thrilled to welcome DCL Skincare as our 500th registered company,” said Bernice Zampano, Program Manager of CONNEX Connecticut. “Their decision to join the platform further validates our mission to connect manufacturers and suppliers, driving more business growth and success in our state.”


CONNEX CT has attracted a wide variety of manufacturers and suppliers from across the country. Its appeal extends beyond Connecticut, as businesses of all sizes realize the advantages of connecting with a network of qualified partners from a single, easy to use, online platform.


To learn more about CONNEX Connecticut and how it can benefit your business, please visit: https://manufacturing.ct.gov/CONNEX


About CONNSTEP: A member of the MEP National Network, CONNSTEP is a manufacturing consultancy firm serving small-to-medium sized companies, implementing advanced business and technical solutions, and workforce strategies, that help organizations grow, improve profitability, and create sustainable competitive advantages.

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