How to Create an Exchange Center Post

How to Create an Exchange Center Post

Ready to unlock new connections and opportunities within the domestic supply chain?

CONNEX Connecticut, the state-sponsored online platform, puts you a click away from qualified suppliers and valuable partnerships. In just 30 minutes, this webinar will walk you through crafting a compelling Exchange Center post that attracts the right attention and boosts your business growth.

CONNEX Connecticut Program Manager, Bernice Zampano, will show you how CONNEX Connecticut can help your company find new opportunities, new suppliers, and network for growth. 

The webinar will also include a Q&A session at the end, so please come prepared with your questions!

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Want to Learn More About CONNEX?

CONNEX Connecticut is an online platform that connects all U.S. manufacturers and suppliers with a single, accurate, and searchable supply-chain solution.

It’s not just another platform: it’s a revolutionary new way for you to find, be found, connect, and contract directly with each other. CONNEX Connecticut is key to your company’s future success!