Supervisor Bootcamp Spring 2024

Supervisor Bootcamp Spring 2024

Supervisor Bootcamp Spring 2024

05/03/2024 - 06/14/2024
8:00 am - 12:00 pm


Courtyard Cromwell, 4 Sebethe Dr, Cromwell, CT 06416

Program Description

A series of workshops for employees being groomed for supervisor or team leader positions, for newly promoted or hired supervisors and for existing ones. Learn key supervisory skills in half-day classroom sessions with hands-on exercises. Participants will become equipped with a tool kit of fundamental knowledge to improve their performance, be productive, and effectively manage others in the organization. 

This program takes place on seven consecutive Fridays from 8 am – 12 pm.

5/3/24- Supervisor Bootcamp Session

5/10/24- Supervisor Bootcamp Session

5/17/24- Supervisor Bootcamp Session

5/24/24- Supervisor Bootcamp Session

5/31/24- Supervisor Bootcamp Session

6/7/24- Supervisor Bootcamp Session

6/14/24- Supervisor Bootcamp Session

Intended audience

  • Supervisors 
  • Managers
  • Foremen 
  • Team Leads
  • New/Emerging Leaders 
  • Anyone seeking to elevate their existing leadership skills, build a firm foundation for future growth, and positively impact their company’s performance and profitability.


Problem Solving - PDCA

Learn a problem-solving technique using a structured and systematic approach to the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) model. This process is geared toward improving quality, exposing waste, improving operational efficiency, and establishing metrics that promote the right behavior.


Effective Supervisory Style

Participants will use a variety of tools and assessments to help them achieve awareness and understanding of their supervisory style, their strengths, and the areas in need of further development. You’ll discover what makes a good boss and a bad boss, and how to utilize different styles and techniques to motivate top performance.


Develop stronger communication skills to ensure greater respect for you and your role at the company. Learn how to be an active listener, give and receive feedback, convey decisions, and take decisive actions. By fostering and maintaining healthy working relationships, you’ll prevent problems from occurring and earn the loyalty and cooperation of others.

Managing Conflicts & Team Facilitation

Managing Conflicts reviews effective conflict resolution strategies to establish a more cohesive and productive work environment. You’ll gain awareness of your typical approach to dealing with conflicts and build up your skill of assertiveness. Will address real-life scenarios as well as managing up and managing your peers. 

Team Facilitation discusses how to build an effective team, evaluate the performance of how your current team functions, with an eye toward improving overall effectiveness, including planning and running productive meetings. Also learn how to establish foundations for strengthening and maintaining your job relations with others.

Time Management

Learn about setting priorities, delegating work, and how to develop a proactive management methodology that enables people to complete more work in a shorter period of time. This involves using the process of planning and allocating how much time is required for each specific task. Explore the role of the supervisor and how you should be spending your time.


Coaching & Motivating People for Improved Performance

Transition to a supervisory role with effective management styles and strategies that influence and motivate others for improved performance. Work on understanding what drives and inspires employees and how to coach underperformers up to where they are able meet expectations. Learn about going from working side-by-side with your colleagues, sharing similar responsibilities, challenges, and frustrations, to the person who needs to supervise and guide the same individuals.

Lean Awareness Performance Measurement & Management

Learn to recognize obstacles to workflow and waste in your processes, key principles of Lean Awareness. You will also be provided with best practices for using the right set of metrics to effectively manage, measure and monitor your organization’s performance and drive the right behaviors.


Regular registration fee: $1,995.  Payment in full at the time of registration.

Registration fees include all course materials for each classroom session.

Registration Process:

Registration Closes: April 18th

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