Lynn Welding

Visual Management Tools and Set-Up Reduction Drive Quality and Production Gains

Lynn Welding is an industry leader of welding and machining for the Aerospace, Defense, Nuclear, Industrial, and Medical industries. The company started in 1979 as a one-man shop with a Tig welding machine. Named after the original owner’s daughter, company ownership changed hands in 2007. The business is located in Newington, Connecticut.

The ability to weld, machine, and fabricate entire assemblies is what differentiates Lynn Welding from the competition. The company holds an extensive list of qualifications from a broad list of customers and is highly respected within the aerospace community when it comes to producing X-Ray quality welds. Customers consider Lynn Welding the ultimate solution for complex welding and machining.

“We’ve really seen a culture of continuous improvement emerge with the mandatory use of visual boards. It’s become a habit to check the scheduling boards to help keep the jobs flowing. It’s now our standard way of operating.”

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