Carlyle Johnson Machine Co.

First Pass Yield Improvement Creates Dramatic Reduction in Lead Time

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company is a Bolton, Connecticut manufacturer that designs and builds brakes and clutches for specialty applications. Their products are found in components for airplanes, satellites, surgical robots, military tanks, fire trucks, and more.

For over 100 years, Carlyle Johnson (CJ) has become known as the “go-to” brake and clutch manufacturer for parts used in manufacturing facilities across the nation – such as electric utilities, textile producers, packaging, and mining/drilling companies.

Following guidance from my CONNSTEP mentor on this CICC project, I was able to lay out problems visually and uncover issues that were normally hidden. In the end, we reached our goal of having an RMA process that reduces the amount of returns coming back. And it freed up some of my time to apply to new projects.

Project Impact

$ 0 K
Cost Savings
$ 0 K
New Product Investment
$ 0 M
Retained Sales
0 K
Increased Sales

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