Elevated Supervisory Skills Add to Performance & Productivity

The Siftex Equipment Company specializes in producing custom flexible connectors, offering a variety of options in terms of shape, size, and composition to serve various industries and applications. Founded in 1983, the company addressed the market demand for high-quality, durable flexible connectors.


Siftex thoroughly analyzes its customers’ requirements and specifications, providing tailored solutions to meet their needs. They offer a wide range of materials and constructions to ensure a perfect fit for any application. The Siftex team, equipped with extensive knowledge and talent, can match specific industry and operational demands through its state-of-the-art precision engineering and sewing facilities.

“After the CONNSTEP training, I felt that each employee strengthened their capability as a supervisor. It shows in their confidence to lead others and the processes they have implemented in their departments. It also sends a message to everyone in the company that we care about your career growth and will keep supporting you in your roles.”

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