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0:22 | The fourth-generation Har-Conn Chrome Company continues to get the job done. It’s a metal finishing company that provides platings and coatings to make parts last longer and more corrosion-resistant.

1:28 | When CONNSTEP introduced Value Stream Mapping to platings and coating company Har-Conn Chrome, it resulted in a positive impact on their business. 

2:28 | Understanding that achieving 100% quality in Lean manufacturing starts with customer collaboration opened the eyes of Har-Conn President & CEO Tim Backus.

4:23 | Har-Conn President & CEO Tim Backus discusses how manufacturing consultancy firm CONNSTEP has conducted gap assessments to enable their compliance progress and helping to become compliant and stay compliant.

After evaluating our mold making process and identifying improvement opportunities, we’ve significantly reduced our overall lead time and improved first pass yield. With our improved workflow, we’re able to get jobs out quicker.

David Parmelee
President, Wepco Plastics

Nobody is carrying inventory anymore. So when a customer tells us when they want their job completed, they have to have it when they need it. Which is why working with CONNSTEP was really beneficial. Reorganizing our order-entry process and flow allowed us to significantly improve our on-time delivery which enhances the value we add to our customers.

John Killeen
Vice President, Alden Tool

CONNSTEP made efforts to get to know our people, understand our business, and uncover real opportunities. Getting buy-in was huge and pivotal to our success, and because of CONNSTEP’s efforts, the results show.

Steve Sabourin
Operations Manager, Carris Reels

What CONNSTEP has contributed to the floor in productivity terms have been a huge win. We’re able to move material through the shop floor more efficiently with less mistakes, higher productivity, and reduced lead times. That’s key.

Chip Merritt
Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, InCord

Our Lean journey has enabled us to absorb growth and better manage our staffing levels. It’s been a tangible way of thinking with tools we can use. CONNSTEP’s team understands us. They have complete theory knowledge that they transfer to us and assist us in applying the concepts. They continually feed us the next step, know where we should be heading and when we’re ready to take those steps.

Kate Hampford Donahue
President & CEO, Hampford Research, Inc.

The CONNSTEP team has been great to work with. In addition to being extremely flexible, they took the time to get to know us, our business, and our market which allowed them make the connection between our needs and goals with the continuous improvement and growth theories, principles, and knowledge they provide.

Tom Kordik
Operations Manager, Logosportswear.com

Based on our improved efficiencies and lead time reduction, we were able to secure more business, from an existing customer that was formerly going to our competition. We also saw our win ratio increase for quoting new business with new customers. We believe this was based on both the response time to quote and our newly reduced lead times. We feel this enabled us to set ourselves apart from our competition.

James Foss
Inside Sales Manager, Accutron, Inc.

In my opinion, a major piece small manufacturers are missing in-house is a real understanding of the crucial need for a new approach to business development that includes technology scanning and management of technology in addition to the more typical business practices of strategic planning, SWOT analyses and sales and marketing activities. CONNSTEP understands that, for Connecticut’s manufacturers to compete globally, they need ALL of these tools in their toolbox. The extensive industry experience that all of CONNSTEP’s consultants possess, helps them offer real value to manufacturers that goes far beyond LEAN training.

Katherine Saint
President, Schwerdtle Stamp Co.

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