Burr Brown Regional Manager

Primary Responsibilities

Burr is responsible for business development for the Southwest Region of Connecticut. His mission is to assist Connecticut manufactures be more efficient, reduce costs, compete effectively and grow their businesses.

Notable Performances

During his career, Burr has consulted with many of the world’s largest and best known brands across dozens of industries providing marketing and branding guidance, answering critical questions and developing the strategies and tactics necessary to be more efficient, compete more effectively and generate business.


Burr has been part of pioneering teams that have introduced and launched technologies that are commonplace today around the world in the areas of digital direct marketing, e-commerce and media planning. He has been instrumental in creating several groundbreaking market intelligence studies that provide companies with insights on their target audience specifically in the gender, youth, affluence and luxury markets. He has also contributed to two books on the subject of Affluence and Wealth in America.

Burr graduated from University of California, San Diego with a degree in economics and history. He is an ardent fly fisherman, exceptional griller, children and dogs adore him and he doesn’t mind losing money to friends on many of Connecticut’s golf courses.

contact details

(860) 539-4902
350 Church St, Hartford, CT 06103

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