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Quality Essentials Program (QEP)

Maintaining the highest quality standards is critical in every manufacturing organization. The success of your business operations is contingent on your quality reputation in the industry.

CONNSTEP’s Quality Essentials Program (QEP) is designed to address the growing need for skilled quality workers in manufacturing. QEP is led by our team of instructors with years of quality management experience. Program participants learn essential quality concepts, tools, and tasks.

Quality is about having established processes in place to prevent or minimize errors, carelessness, and inefficiency in your production operations. Mistakes can cost time and money in any company, impacting their financial bottom line and industry reputation.

CONNSTEP’s Quality Essentials Program can educate workers with quality knowledge to alleviate errors in your system and reduce or eliminate bad parts. QEP covers:

  • Workplace Skills
  • Quality Management Systems & Basic Audit Principles
  • Print Reading & Measurement
  • Measurement for Manufacturing
  • Problem Solving Using Plan-Do-Check-Act, A3 & Root Cause Analysis
  • Quality Tools & Techniques

Quality in manufacturing is increasingly being held to a much higher standard and is becoming an established culture in more companies as customers are demanding it.

Take advantage of the Quality Essentials Program to teach quality skills and procedures to the workforce of your organization.

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Challenges Addressed

A Quality Management System addresses many business challenges:

Benefits Received

Key benefits of a Quality Management System include:

Discover how CONNSTEP can help improve your quality management.