Technology Scouting

A Faster Route to the Right Technology

Make your new product ideas a reality.

Do you have ideas for new products you would bring to market, if only you had the time and money to develop the technology that could make it happen? We can help you define, discover and deploy the technology you need.

  • address market opportunities
  • clear technological barriers to new product development
  • get creative solutions to technology affordability issues
  • use technology to gain market share and increase profitability

Develop New Products & Enter New Markets

With the right technology you can enhance your offerings, change product categories, and distinguish your capabilities in the marketplace. Break away from the herd of “me too” companies that keep following their competitors. Stop dreaming about the profitable niches you could pursue “if only….” and start creating new opportunities for your business.

Access Global Applications and Expertise

We can help you tap into an expansive network of impressive technology experts to locate the solutions that have been eluding you.

  • access ideas and solutions developed by other industries
  • identify key development partnerships
  • explore licensing and acquisition alternatives

Accomplish more than you ever could by going it alone. We’ll help you cross technology gaps you couldn’t bridge before, and develop products with “enabling” technology in less time and at a lower cost –  while reducing the risk.