Technology-Driven Market Intelligence

Understand Demand and Your Competition

Reduce your risks and increase speed to market for developing new products.

Get a structured, replicable approach to the essential components of traditional market research, focused squarely on market intelligence that reveals the benefits and market impact of technology-based assets. The results can transform proposed new technologies into successful new market entrants.

With TDMI’s critical insights you can clearly identify and validate technical and market-driven barriers and opportunities across your competitive landscape. These insights are invaluable; once gained, they frequently drive dramatic shifts in strategic direction.

No More Guessing Games in New Product Development

technology market intelligence CTTDMI helps decision makers eliminate any guessing games about your business environment. If you think you know your markets well, but want to understand more about your competitive landscape to position newly-developed technology, TDMI is the answer.

Never before have small manufacturing businesses been able to connect directly with groups like RTI, NASA’s former technology commercialization resource and currently the world’s second largest research group. CONNSTEP has delivered tremendous value-added impact for manufacturers across Connecticut by providing open access to the over 5,000 PhDs, engineers, and industry leaders who make up our team of experts across the MEP Network, RTI, university and federal labs, and beyond.

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