Strategic Marketing

Strategies to Grow Sales & Increase Profitability

Our marketing consultants will help you identify and capitalize on your most profitable opportunities. And our results are independently verified, so you can trust our expertise while you benefit from our long experience. Determining the right marketing priorities spares you from wasting time, energy and money trying to do it all without the people or budget required. Let us put our resources and experience to work for you:

  • develop a plan to grow sales
  • discover insights from your existing customers
  • create your company’s Value Proposition
  • build a better understanding of your markets and potential new opportunities
  • determine effective marketing and sales tactics for your budget and resources

Develop a Marketing Plan that Works for your Business

Too often, small to midsize businesses don’t have a true “marketing plan” – one that captures strategic growth opportunities, prioritizes marketing initiatives, sets concrete deadlines, and attaches the right metrics to measure success. We’ll help you get there. We often hear companies struggle with having “too much to do and not enough time or money to do it.” With the right marketing strategy, a marketing plan focused on the correct priorities, and some tactical support you will really see a difference in your marketing and sales results.

Find the Best Growth Opportunities

We’ve helped hundreds of Connecticut businesses to increase their capacity, and fill it with strategic growth initiatives like developing new products or entering new markets successfully. Let’s get together to discover how we can help you:

  • prioritize marketing initiatives for the best ROI
  • identify the best growth opportunities and go after them
  • reach new customers and handle existing ones more capably
  • capitalize on strengths and competitive advantages
  • make the best use of limited money, time, and resources
  • increase sales, revenues, and profitability

Manage Profitable Growth Effectively

Our marketing consultants can help you pursue profitable and sustainable growth. Let us show you how to pursue new business opportunities in your existing markets, or use your core competencies to penetrate markets you’re not yet competing in. Learn where the opportunities are and what threats may lurk.

  • develop a strategic plan that’s manageable
  • identify the right tasks, team members, milestones
    and metrics to deliver results
  • build consensus on priorities and clarify roles to reduce dysfunction
  • use your people and budgets to maximum advantage
  • understand what’s truly driving results and
    eliminate ineffective activities

Get a strategic marketing process in place that facilitates sales growth, helps you stay on schedule, and defines the right metrics for your marketing spend. Contact us today and start planning to outsell the competition every time.