An Affordable Tool for Assessment, Measurement & Diagnostics

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PROBE is a sophisticated competitive benchmarking tool that compares your business’s overall health and performance to your competitors. Best Practice Benchmarking measures your current performance level and helps you understand whether your business practices and culture are reinforcing the values that drive customer satisfaction and outstanding results.

PROBE’s sharp focus helps you:

  • quickly identify strengths and weaknesses
  • address key improvement areas and eliminate waste in processes
  • save money and improve productivity
  • make informed decisions for resource and investment improvement
  • gain a competitive edge

You can benefit most from the insight of PROBE with a facilitated self-assessment led by our experienced, objective Business Growth Consultants. They guide the process and bring extensive subject-matter expertise to bear on important team discussions. This helps you align the group to strategic objectives, and interpret data in a meaningful, applicable way.

PROBE Delivers Well-Rounded Competitive Information

  • powered by current raw data from over 7,000 international businesses
  • relies on data collected from a diverse cross-section of your key people
  • gives the most informed, well-rounded view of your business

By gaining consensus on a series of open-ended questions about your business’s processes and performance – and benchmarking that data against other organizations using PROBE’s world-class software – you get an accurate measure of how you stack up against the competition. This helps prioritize the key areas for immediate business improvement.

  • creates a quantifiable view of practice/performance vs. other closely aligned businesses
  • supports rapid learning and focus on appropriate action to accelerate business performance, practice, and growth
  • promotes and supports learning through teamwork
  • aligns a team’s improvement focus rapidly with only a modest investment
  • balances practice and performance to create sustainable change in business culture
  • creates a base line for future strategic metrics that measure improvements
  • aligns all dimensions in business value chain with strategies
  • initiates change in low risk way for measurable improvement  
  • creates clarity from complexity: depicts comprehensive results in easily understood graphics

PROBE Best Practice Benchmarking services provide powerful capabilities for analyzing:PROBE graphic2

  • Industries, vertically and horizontally
  • Sectors
  • Supply Chains
  • Networks
  • Regions

Data gathered through PROBE adds substantial value to research and improvement projects focusing on operations management, service management, regional competitiveness and international manufacturing and service benchmark comparisons.