Business Development

Build Your Business & Be More Competitive

Our dedicated resources do your market research and even make calls on your behalf. It’s the perfect business development program for companies lacking dedicated resources to make calls and pursue follow up activities. This program allows you to:

  • Grow sales and revenues with more qualified prospects
  • Identify and target potential customers more quickly
  • Break into new markets and diversify your customer base

Cultivate New Business Without Adding Staff

Our business development program initiates direct efforts with contacts designed to establish qualified leads.

One of the primary reasons you can trust in our services: we are a mission-driven organization whose results are independently verified each year – a process which sets us apart from others. Our mandate is to help you grow the value of your business, not to just sell you on our services.

Most small and mid-sized companies lack the resources—time, staff and/or capital – to aggressively pursue new sales opportunities. We actually do the work for you, eliminating the need to add to your company headcount, and making your business development efforts more streamlined and more successful.

Market Research: swot-analysis-sample You receive a comprehensive Positioning Paper detailing your competitive position: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This information is used to develop a list of targets with contacts that meet your most valued customer criteria. We uncover industries fitting your preferred end-use profiles, and those with healthy growth projections in the coming years.

Target Screening: We identify new target customers for your business and pre-screen them to determine the proper decision makers. You receive a list of contacts from your most likely sales prospects, in new and existing industries for your business, who would likely be interested in your products or services.

Prospecting Outreach: We reach out to potential prospects with a mix of personal emails, phone calls, and promotional letters, each conveying the essence of your brand and your distinct Value Proposition. We even contact each prospect to qualify their needs and pinpoint opportunities for business.

Tracking Results:lead-tracking-sample You receive status updates summarizing “hot” leads to contact right away and “warm” leads for more general follow-up. You’ll know which leads are the most promising and exactly how to turn that interest into revenue. You get a CRM-friendly record of every call, along with a call-screened database to help you keep the conversation going through your own ongoing business development efforts.

We’ll help you select and implement the best strategies and tactics to create more value in your business. Our business development program is just one of many tactics we can implement with you. The program helps you cultivate relationships with companies interested in your product or services as well as target customers who regularly require your products or capabilities.

Leaner times are the most important time to have a business development initiative in place. Without it, the pipeline dries up and recovery can take several quarters to rebound. It takes a while to rebuild inquiry levels, and even more time is needed to refill the pipeline. If you are looking to increase sales, you need to boost business development immediately.