Managing a small business and wearing multiple hats can be overwhelming at times. It can be lonely at the top, particularly when you are unsure how to remedy some of the issues and challenges you confront when running your organization.

CONNSTEP offers business owners one-on-one coaching where we examine where you are today and where you want to be.

We work with you to understand what you would like to achieve in your business, what concerns and problems you are facing, and advise you on the steps to take in order to address your issues.

Through a series of structured mentoring exercises, we’ll ensure accountability to your strategies and action items. These sessions will cover:

  • Vision, Mission, Objective and Goal Setting
  • Current state of sales revenue, customers, operations, profitability, people
  • Organizational chart review to identify roles, performance, retirements
  • Alignment of resources – time, budget, people, capabilities – and how they interconnect with your vision and goals
  • Follow on coaching, initiatives review, obstacles inhibiting efforts

Gain focus and traction in your business with CONNSTEP’s One-On-One Coaching and transform your company into the competitive business you’ve been seeking.

Contact us today for a no-obligation appointment with an experienced CONNSTEP mentor who can help you take your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

Watch this informative on-demand webinar on Small Business Coaching!