The CONNSTEP Business Growth Program

Hit Your Targets This Year….and Beyond

Now, more than ever, the challenges of finding new customers, increasing your revenues, and developing a solid, high-performing sales plan are critical to your company’s growth and to the success you need — particularly in a time of increased global competition that has an enormous impact on Connecticut manufacturing companies.

Many manufacturers who meet with CONNSTEP have relied on exceptional engineering, strong technical acumen, and “word of mouth” sales — and now face a more crowded, profoundly more competitive marketplace with rivals who are fast, strong, agile, and have national, and even global, reach.

The day-to-day focus on operations and problem solving for existing customers often leads to businesses having little or no time to create the infrastructure or systems needed to:

  • increase sales and revenues
  • expand your customer base
  • diversify the markets that fuel the business
  • structure high-performing sales teams

This lack of infrastructure can INCREASE the perceptions of RISK when you have to go to the bank for financing, and it also hinders your recruitment efforts for a young workforce that is looking for dynamic, progressive companies with growth potential.
And if you are one of the many baby boomers looking to sell or transfer your business, buyers look specifically for systems and processes that create and sustain the growth they need to create a return on their investment.

The CONNSTEP Business Growth Program takes a holistic view of the growth challenge, helping you to reach your growth targets by focusing on:

  • marketing and sales
  • product strategy
  • messaging and creating a differentiated value proposition
  • diversifying and successfully entering new markets

Want to learn more?

A Deep Diagnostic Dive

This CONNSTEP offering is a structured, foundational education program that helps you assess the seven key areas of your organization that are critical to business growth.
By learning how these seven priority areas (target market, strategy, resources, marketing, production, sales, and fulfillment) impact each other and determining how well they are performing in your company, you’ll be able to remove growth constraints and create an optimized path to higher revenues.

This is an in-depth business program that offers a great opportunity for companies that have:

  • multiple product lines or a stable base of revenue, but lack clarity on how much effort to put into smaller revenue streams
  • limited resources to build out a sales and marketing plan
  • a short window of opportunity to get into a new market or launch a new product
  • engineers who manage a product line and are responsible for its sales quotas

To make growth happen for you, the CONNSTEP Business Growth Program has been specifically designed to:

    • provide a clear assessment and score across seven critical areas responsible for driving sales growth. Using the Revenue Throughput Analyzer, a tool developed by working with hundreds of executives in companies of all sizes and industries, leadership teams will gain visibility into what has been preventing their growth.
    • help leadership teams gain consensus and clarity around the items that are holding them back while teaching the methods and providing the tools needed to identify the gaps in the business, to set new and better targets, and to start growing again.
  • develop specific initiatives and the actions required to overcome the barriers and constraints identified and hit the growth targets developed within a specific time frame. This includes monthly coaching support to help you implement and execute these plans.

Here are just some of the items that CONNSTEP has built into this program to make sure it provides enough depth across key business subject matter areas to help you compete in today’s marketplace.


The time is now to get your senior leadership team together to focus on your company’s growth.

Why Growth Matters

Without steady and sustained growth, the overall financial value of your company – of ANY company, really – will actually decline. And in today’s competitive business landscape, that just won’t cut it.

Growth is a key indicator of business health that ALSO lets you:

  • increase your future exit opportunities
  • fund new business initiatives
  • “fire” unprofitable customers
  • pursue new products and markets

The thoroughness and intricacy of the CONNSTEP Business Growth Program allows you to examine what’s truly needed to begin the process of increasing your sales and preparing your company to target your ideal customers, enter new markets, and create a more effective lead generation and sales process.

Working in partnership with ValueProp Interactive to diagnose your company’s structure and processes, our consultants will help you understand how to eliminate barriers to growth and develop the actionable plans needed to create growth.Method-Map

Led by Jose Palomino, an accomplished marketer, entrepreneur, author, and blogger who has held management, technology, sales, and marketing positions at a variety of companies, ValueProp Interactive delivers high-performance marketing method, training, and tools for entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing teams.

Jose is an adjunct professor of marketing at Villanova, and as CEO of ValueProp Interactive, he has delivered successful outcomes for companies of all sizes and industries.

So let’s look at what’s in it for you.

What You’ll Get

The CONNSTEP Business Growth Program gives you:

  • concrete planning and support that will improve your company’s overall financial value within a year
  • facilitation, guidance, and assistance with specific initiatives and goals that YOU define for US
  • access to a proprietary assessment tool that helps you identify and evaluate critical elements of your company’s infrastructure
  • six months of scheduled one-on-one business coaching sessions

You can make this a bigger and better year by eliminating your growth constraints and increasing your revenues. Fill out the form to the right today to request more information about the CONNSTEP Business Growth Program and start uncovering the constraints that have been holding your business back. Or, call (800) 266-6672 to speak with a Business Growth Consultant today.