Assessment Tools

Get your business to where you want it to be with business assessments

Many business owners believe their company is extremely valuable and could get top dollar if and when they sell it. The truth is, there may be value in some areas and not so much in others.

You may think your finances are in good shape but do you know where and how they are being applied? You may want to grow your revenue but do know what is inhibiting your efforts for growth?

CONNSTEP offers a variety of assessment tools that take a comprehensive look at these issues and more affecting your business:

Value Builder



1)    Value Builder System – Whether you want to sell your business now for a premium or enhance its worth for the future, this system will help you dramatically increase the value of your company. Learn More

Fiscal Advantage


2)    Fiscal Advantage
– Get actionable data out of your financial statements in order to improve profitability, increase cash flow, and compare to others in the industry. Learn More




3)    Revenue Throughput Analyzer – Discover what is inhibiting your efforts for revenue growth, develop a working growth plan, and launch that plan into action. Learn More




4)    PROBE – Measure your current performance level, see how you compare to the competition, and prioritize key areas for immediate business improvement. Learn More

Our Business Growth Advisors can help you determine which of these tools would be most beneficial based on a discovery session with you about your organization. Contact us today.