Assessment Tools

Competitive Benchmarking Software

Whether you’re reorganizing, transferring leadership or ownership, or simply growing your business, the first step is to understand how your business stacks up.

We use sophisticated competitive benchmarking software including PROBE and Value Builder to guide clients through an illuminating self-assessment process. Based on several key indicators, our benchmarking tools show:

  • how well your organization is performing
  • the processes you currently have in place
  • how your processes are functioning together as a whole
  • areas of strength and weakness
  • how your organization compares to others in your space

By providing an accurate, comprehensive, and objective view of your business processes, performance, and value, benchmarking tools quickly pinpoint areas for continuous improvement and business development to ensure your success over the long haul.

Bringing decades of industry knowledge to the table, we help our clients identify true areas of vulnerability, prioritize next actions, and make the best use of limited resources to get the best “bang for their buck” and create immediate impact on their bottom line.

Assess First, Then Plan for Future Success

Quite simply: it’s impossible to determine how to take your business where you want it to go if you don’t know exactly where you stand.

Competitive benchmarking software like PROBE and Value Builder provides businesses with an accurate frame of reference so you can start working on the right improvement areas today.

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