Training Within Industry

Get Better Trained Employees, Without Having to Hire

Our Training Within Industry program develops employees, supervisors, and management for improved job function as well as more critical thinking and better problem solving. Over 50 Connecticut organizations including more than 300 individuals have completed CONNSTEP’s TWI program.

Experiencing a skills shortage or cross-training issue? We get your employees up to speed.

Everyone agrees there is a skills gap that exists now and will only get worse in the future. Coupled with the retirement of their most knowledgeable staff, the skills gap presents organizations with a predicament they are not adequately prepared for. TWI provides a vehicle to bring new employees up to speed and transfer the current and tribal knowledge to the next generation.

Provide your management team with the tools to succeed.

All too often good workers are promoted into supervisory roles but never given the tools or training to effectively make positive changes in their areas. The TWI training model follows a learn-and-do approach that ensures immediate payback and productivity improvements that can be applied in all work environments. It teaches supervisors how to quickly train employees to do a job correctly, safely and conscientiously.

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