Energy and Environment

Use Energy Management to your Advantage

Environmental and energy initiatives are part of a continuous improvement strategy helping manufacturers improve their productivity, profitability, and competitiveness. Regardless of the initiative, four key factors drive sustainability strategies – revenue generation, cost reduction, government regulation, and stakeholder expectations.

Generating waste costs money. You pay for it three times over – when you buy it, when you process it, and when you dispose of it.

The benefits of CONNSTEP’s Environmental & Energy services include:

  • Reduced scrap and rework
  • Reduced hazardous wastes
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Prevention of compliance and liability costs
  • Reduced quantity of raw materials, resources, and energy required to realize your product

We can show you how improved environmental performance and increased profitability go hand in hand.

Seventy-four percent of Connecticut businesses have embraced “green” business practices. Are you one of them?

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Energy Management

Connecticut ranks second among the top ten states with the highest energy costs in the nation and with 80% of your energy costs generated in your manufacturing process, learning to see energy waste and developing energy efficiency and conservation plans are the first profitable steps in your sustainability initiatives.

Does your team understand energy and the processes, within your facility that consume the most? Do you have an energy management plan? CONNSTEP can teach you how to:

  • Accurately analyze your utility bills;
  • Thoroughly understand of energy terms and definition; and
  • Develop an energy management plan
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Environmental Management

Becoming registered to standards such as the ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems, can help you maintain or acquire supplier relationships while providing a consistent, structured approach to managing your environmental affairs.

Whether you become registered at the request of a customer, or proactively become registered to increase your marketability, you can reap a number of economic benefits including higher conformance with legislative and regulatory requirements, gain a competitive advantage against companies that do not adopt the standard, and reduce trade barriers providing additional export opportunities.

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 Create Green Collar Champions

Upfront costs and lack of knowledge are the two primary obstacles companies face in their efforts to go green. Having an “in-house” Green Collar Champion can help you overcome both obstacles.

This training certification program will raise worker awareness in the importance of becoming more environmentally focused and provide the skills needed to lead workplace-based sustainable practices.

Recent results of training a Green Collar Champion include:

  • $13,000 annual savings in rework, scrap reduction and energy conservation
  • $128,000 annual savings in chemical waste reduction and associated handling fees
  • $10,000 annual savings in energy conservation
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