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What our Growth Services do for you

CONNSTEP’s Growth Services are designed to address the most critical needs of any business – continually finding new customers while retaining those you already have.

Our Growth Services professionals will help you develop a sustainable process to fortify your organization’s top-line growth.

Achieve your most important business objectives, set priorities, allocate resources and get on your way to growth.

Successful businesses identify their most important priorities in order to accomplish their business objectives. Determining priorities – what you will focus your efforts on as well as what you will notfocus on is the first step in accomplishing business goals.

The growth services professionals at CONNSTEP will help you and your team develop a clear set of goals while developing the plan and ownership required to successfully implement it.

Are you currently experiencing any of the common warning signs?

  • Low profit margins
  • Flat sales – no or slow growth
  • Lack of resources required to achieve all of your priorities
  • Pursuing everything and accomplishing little
  • Lack of alignment with key team members
  • Employees unsure of where the company is headed

If you said yes to any of the items above, you’re wasting valuable time and money. To start building a stronger, healthier and more profitable business, contact the professionals at CONNSTEP today.

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Grow your sales from new and existing customers, identify growth opportunities and increase profits while establishing measures for your marketing efforts.

In today’s small to midsize companies, getting the most out of your marketing budget starts by developing a formal, written marketing plan. CONNSTEP’s growth services team will work with you to identify your opportunities and develop an actionable plan to help you grow your sales. We’ll help you develop insights from your existing customers, build a better understanding of the market and your position in that market while helping you determine what tactics will be most effective given your budget and infrastructure.

Too many companies operate without a marketing plan, they don’t determine priorities and consequently waste a lot of time, energy and money trying to do everything. This is especially true for smaller companies that don’t have the people or budget needed to do it all. It is a business’s inability to prioritize and plan their marketing that creates the feeling of too much to do and not enough time or money to get it all done.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • All of our customers are important, we don’t treat any of them any differently
  • Our product is used in a bunch of different markets and industries
  • We could be growing if we had a bigger budget to advertise to more markets
  • We have more opportunity and potential than we can afford to pursue
  • I need a bigger staff to go after more business
  • We need new customers, too much of our business comes from just a handful of companies

If you’ve heard any of them before, you’re wasting valuable time and money that could be better used by focusing on your best opportunities.

Contact CONNSTEP and start developing a marketing plan that will facilitate sales growth, help you stick to a schedule, create metrics for your marketing spend while providing a process to follow for years to come.

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Primary and secondary market research provides real-time business intelligence in order to help businesses make better decisions.

Market research is an important tool that provides the insights needed to develop new products or new services, gain the customer insights needed to determine how well your existing products are satisfying your customers’ while ultimately helping to generate the sales and customer growth needed to sustain your business.

Misinterpreting the needs of your current and potential customers, or making decisions with anecdotal knowledge is not only dangerous, but it can be disastrous. Poorly conducted market research, or worse no research, leads to an inaccurate understanding of your market’s needs, culminating in wasted resources or the failure of a product – or business – altogether.

In addition to mitigating risk, market intelligence can:

  • Identify potential new markets
  • Provide Voice of the Customer feedback
  • Set realistic business growth targets
  • Contribute to effective go to market strategies

Whether part of a strategic plan or as singular effort, CONNSTEP Market Research uses a unique approach that can quickly:

  • Call out or validate organizational strengths, weaknesses and threats
  • Identify feasible market opportunities
  • Define the competitive landscape
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Focus on the problems that may hinder or hold back millions of dollars in company value, determine the value of your business and quantify the intangible business drivers.

Whether the goal is to grow sales and customers, or to simply improve or position the company for maximum value prior to transferring ownership, the items needed to construct a strong, healthy and sustainable business must be diagnosed and built upon. CoreValue® is designed to help you understand which parts of your business are working well and which ones need fixing. What’s more, quantifying the intangible assets hidden within a business can increase a company’s value substantially, sometimes by millions.

It is estimated that 70% of U.S. small to medium size companies with paid employees are owned by baby boomers, most which are nearing retirement age. By providing greater transparency into the operations of a business – strengths, weaknesses, financials, and opportunities to improve – these businesses can be sold or transferred more easily and successfully.

Here are some of the ways business owners have leveraged CoreValue®:

  • Business value assessment
  • Pre due diligence; companies getting ready to sell
  • ‘Body scan’ of business to diagnose and fix problems
  • CEO scorecard to track value growth

If you are looking to buy, sell, build, fix, or reorganize your business, contact CONNSTEP and discover the strength and health of your company.

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Developing new products is not optional. You have to grow your sales to existing customers and new customers while you shorten the time it takes to develop new products and reduce the risk.

Simply put, in today’s world, businesses have to develop new products and offerings just to stay in business. The rate of change and the pace of innovation have made it impossible for companies to compete by simply continuing to offer the same product line or services to their customers. Products move through a life-cycle and as they age, they lose their uniqueness and profits erode. Worse yet, your customers may leave you because of a new technology that solves their problem more efficiently. In either case, sales flatten out or even decline if you’re not actively developing new products.

To survive and grow, you need to have a process that delivers a steady stream of new products that meet or better yet, exceed the customer’s expectation. The good news is more and more companies have recognized the need to develop a pipeline of new products but the fact is most are struggling with some or all of the common problems listed below:

  • New products take too long to get to market and/or miss their sales targets
  • Budget overruns are typical
  • There is an inability to prioritize projects; too many projects being worked on; nothing seems to get done
  • Due dates get missed
  • Communication across key departments is lacking
  • There is a lack of clarity of the voice of the customer
  • There is a lack of diverse input for new product ideas

If you are encountering any of the items above, you’re in need of a new product development process improvement. Contact CONNSTEP and get on your way to a more profitable, sustainable business that regularly delivers new products that your customers want.


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Find the technology you need to create profitable, new products or turn your current technology into new opportunities and revenues.

Are you one of the many companies that lacks the time and money required to develop the type of technology needed that would enable you to create a segment leading product?  In many cases, companies know what enhancements are needed to change a product category but they lack the resources needed to create the technology that would enable them to deliver it.  The inability to develop the technology needed causes companies to follow their competitors and compete in a “me too” market, one that lacks the profitability needed to sustain a business.

Technology Scouting focuses on locating the technology that is available outside of your organization in order to create a competitive advantage or to meet strategic goals. By looking to other industries, identifying development partnerships, licensing or even acquiring technology, companies can accomplish things they couldn’t have done on their own.  By doing so, companies can cross technology gaps that weren’t possible, develop products that use “enabling” technology in less time and at a lower cost while reducing the risk.

Common challenges for companies lacking the technology needed are –

  • An inability to address a market opportunity
  • Technological barriers to new product development
  • An inability to afford the development of the technology needed
  • Declining market share and profitability

Technology Driven Market Intelligence focuses on finding growth opportunities for those companies that have a technology that is powerful beyond its own application and has an ability to “enable” other industries. Unlike traditional market intelligence that focuses on market share or developing the brand, TDMI identifies opportunities to enable another market’s ideas, products, processes or capabilities. By using market intelligence to focus on the benefits that can be delivered through the technology, companies can create entirely new sources of revenue by identifying those opportunities where the technology may be sold.

Contact CONNSTEP to find out how you can turn technology into an opportunity for growth.

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Identify and target new customers, generate leads and grow your sales.

Finding potential customers, cultivating relationships and turning them into customers that continue to buy from your business is a must for any business today. What’s more, it requires an ongoing effort from your people. Generating leads is not a “project” you do and then it is done. “Business-to-Business” leads take time to follow up, nurture and convert…often taking several months of following up to win new business.

Smart companies know they need to invest marketing dollars into lead generation efforts. They recognize that leads have to be treated with urgency in order to convert interest into sales and that there are several steps along the way. In short, they follow a process.

If you’re not investing in lead generation and following a process to turn your leads into sales, your business may be experiencing the following:

  • The majority of your sales come from a handful of customers
  • Sales are flat or declining
  • An inability to systematically follow up and check in on potential customers
  • Sales people struggle to identify and reach new prospects
  • Difficulty finding new customers in markets you are currently not selling to
  • Finding the time to look for new customers, there just isn’t enough time to prospect for new business with everything else you have to do
  • Difficulty reaching and converting the people that have inquired about your products

If any of the items above sound familiar, your business can benefit from a structured, Lead Generation program. Contact CONNSTEP and get on the way to identifying new prospects, generating leads and converting your leads into new paying customers.

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Building a strong, online presence is essential to every business.

With 80% of the buying cycle conducted online, your website is the first step in converting prospects into customers. Optimizing your website ranks you higher on search engines, effectively targeting the qualified buyers that you do want and reducing the amount of inquires unrelated to your core business. Your website should produce the following results:

  • High value leads and new customers
  • Reduced cost of sales
  • Improved customer service
  • Legitimate competitive advantage

No matter where your company is currently, we can customize programs specific to your needs and grow your business through:

  • Website development
  • Update of current site
  • Blog and social media content generation
  • SEO optimization
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead scoring
  • Calls to action
  • Automation set-up
  • Training

Contact us to investigate the best solution for you to build a compelling, informative website today.

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When you connect operations and plans for growth with a culture that embraces problem solving – you’ve got a sustainable, healthy organization ready for whatever the future holds.

You can create and maintain an organization that delivers strong cash flow, improved profitability, increases in throughput and speed while reducing chaos and improving your team’s morale. Our Enterprise Wide Lean product starts with a broad view that includes operations, business strategy and markets served as well as the culture of the organization. When an organization links these areas of the business, they create the continuity of purpose that transcends the various departmental boundaries while developing a culture that solves problems and is empowered to deliver results.

Simply put, businesses cannot afford notto harness the power of their people in today’s global economy. Building an understanding of the company’s strategic initiatives and connecting those initiatives to operations as well as the people in the organization is the first step in transforming your company.

Companies in need of enterprise wide Lean are typically suffering from at least one of the following:

  • Poor cash flow
  • Lack of growth
  • Poor on time delivery and lack of capacity
  • Inability to respond to demand
  • Lean activities do not relate to strategic objectives
  • Employees seldom solve problems without their managers

If you are experiencing any of the items above, your business has not become a sustainable organization capable of solving problems and taking on the challenges you’ll face in the future.

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